river adjoining the land

My search to find land was made more & more difficult by myself. I had some conditions.

1. I wanted it next to a river

2. I did not want it near any road

3. I wanted the land close to nature as much as possible, with a forest trail close by……

so on & so forth

Its been a tumultuous search, marked by disturbances, uproar, commotion, disorder, highly agitated, distraught & turbulent……. to say the least !

Now that i am next to the river, hopefully it will help me heal & start a new leash in my life which will be as enriching like the river.

Now, sometimes i feel a need for a prayer, sometimes when i enter the land, i feel like kneeling down & kissing the earth. Its making me nervous, its making me nervous with excitement, as of now i have kept it all under wraps.

Because as of now, i have not yet started to paint on my canvas. As of now the fencing work is on & i am trying to get a structure build on the land, once these two bridges are crossed then i will be free to tend to the earth, to enable the micro organisms to multiply in trillions, to create humus, to plant & to tend to the plants & trees which are already there. To invite the Crested Serpent Eagle which is always calling out very close by to come & roost, the Shrikes, the Caucals, the Roller birds, the Sun birds, the Horn bills, the Kingfishers, the Crested Larks, The Black Shouldered Kites, the Bush chats, the Buntings, the Pied Crested Cuckoos, the Thrushes, the Falcons & Kestrels, the Vultures, the Short Toed Snake Eagle….. i can’t wait to see them come down & frolic in the water.

I can’t wait to see the excitement in partner’s & son’s eyes.

I can’t wait to see the Snakes coming out, the Crabs, the Frogs, the Monitor Lizards, the Earth worms,  the Chameleons, the Scorpions, the Butterflies…. Infact today i had a glimpse a nice big blue one, as big as my palms, now will have to build up my resources to identify butterflies.

I am itching to start handling my favourite tools, the Koyta, the Paipavda, the Kudli, i am itching to start making heaps to build the soil, i am wondering which will be the first plant, which i will plant, i am wondering which friend will be the first visitor to the land, i am itching to throw away my shirt & bathe in the sun, to touch & feel the earth in my hands, i am itching to dive into river, i am itching to sit by the river & play my Bansuri, i am itching to see how the land will be during the rains, i am itching to cook a meal for family & friends……

Basically, i just can’t wait

Lots of farmer friends have started sending me open pollinated seeds from all over India, As a dear one said when she handed me the tomato seeds…….. your farm is going to be like Noah’s Ark !