An amazing response when asked about weeds from one of the finest farmers in India…………..

In nature, there is no such thing as weed. This is an illusion of the farmer. He kept on killing them(weed) for thousands of years and now he himself is getting killed. Nature’s rule is to keep the earth always covered with greenery,  but we try to interfere and remove this cover. Due to this they become stronger and stronger each passing year.

The farmer wants only those plants to stay which he thinks are beneficial and eliminates every other plant and animal from his farm by thinking of them as weeds and pests. Before I started natural farming, I too tried to eliminate the weeds. This resulted in my farm getting filled with ‘kaans’ grass. This grass has roots as deep as 20 to 30 feet and it spreads very fast by the medium of flowering and roots. It’s spread is hastened by acts such as tilling, grazing, cutting and burning. It spread to every inch of my land. All the methods I tried to control this grass resulted in failure and moreover it strengthened the spread of grass.

But, when I stopped tilling my land and started natural farming in my farm, the grass disappeared all by itself over time. I used to broadcast seeds in this grass and then used to cut and leave the grass insitu. When Mr.Fukuoka visited my farm in 1988, he appreciated this act very much.  My belief is that we must befriend weeds. There is immense benefit in this and there is no such thing as weed in nature.

Raju Titus. Hoshangabad. India