I knew it will be a race against time to get a dwelling/roosting place before the rains.

Rains were expected to come by the 7th of June.

I have not made any headway with people to build a room or a hut. There are too many weddings happening in the village & almost near to impossible to get people together.  May 16th, May 21st, May 30th all big time wedding days.

I ask one of them:

Q: How many people do you expect for the wedding ?

He answers nonchalantly

A: I expect about 1,500 people to come !!

Shocking to say the least, just wonder how much people would be spending & especially if one is from the bride’s side.

I was finally able to get some people together, especially the carpenters to agree to get the hut ready before the rains. We decide to keep it low-budget, use only locally available materials like the stones from the river, mud from the land, cow dung from the neighbourhood, Bamboo & Kaarvi for the walls from the land & whereabouts. Only the roof & some cement poles & nails etc were to be got from outside.

I look at the sky’s & hope the rains will hold up till a roof is made……