Well, actually i am nervous.

Over the years up untill now, i’ve only worked with farmers on their rice fields. I’ve never planted, transplanted nor grown rice for my own self.

To add the woes….. i have not been able to organise any cow/goat dung  either, so this year’s rice-growing is going to be an intense study by itself. Right from sowing,  germination, the back-breaking transplantation, then removing the grasses in between etc.

Observing & recording the growth will be high on my agenda & also the tillering.

The variety that i’ve planted is the legendary local rice called the Taambdasaal. I infact wanted to plant Ambemore, but the voice of reason from the local people prevailed over me.

They said : U just observe the rains here during July & August, then you will understand why we do not plant Ambemore, then they said here when it rains it will be slates of rain & not drops of rain. The only hardy variety which can withstand it all is our local variety called the Taambdasaal.

I nodded & said…. ok, get me the seeds please.

Also these days one feels very wary about talking/writing about these local varieties of rice, especially on the net; because one knows well enough about how the rogue seed companies function & they very quickly move in to destroy the bio-diversity which any farming communities offers.

These saplings are about a week old after germination, which means my transplantations will start around the middle of July but will have to stagger it quite a bit.

Inshallah !