‘………Humus is defined as a remarkable brown to black products of soil chemistry that are essential for healthy and productive soils and is what defines fertile topsoil !

It takes 1,00,000 pounds of raw organic matter or 10,000 pounds of high-grade compost to achieve 40 pounds of Humus in soil.

In nature on 1 acre of undisturbed land and in the top 12 inches there is about 2,000,000 pounds of Humus.

It took about 40,000 years to generate that amount, as it takes nature 100 years to grow just one inch……’

These words were resonating in my mind when i saw the likelihood of losing some of the top soils during the rains. I quickly got into action to gather as much as i can before the rains come.

I have arranged them in heaps

& also have used these soils as a nursery bed for Nirgudi, Gliricidia & Bamboo.

Infact have also grown Tindola, Sweet Potato, some beans & Pumpkins also on the heaps……

As Masanobu Fukuoka said…….In nature there is life and death, and nature is joyful. In human society there is life and death, and people live in sorrow.