Saw this excreta on the land the other day

If i interpreted  the description of the deer correctly, with credits to my nearest neighbour: Laxman, then it should be a Barking Deer. Though he kept saying it is a very small deer & always single, but not as small as a Mouse deer.

Seems to be excreting at the same place, so hopefully on a quite day i will be able to solve the mystery.

Laxman also mentions about the presence of Pangolins (Scaly Ant Eater) in the area, plus he tells me its meat is good & offered to share it with me next time. I only said …. please do not kill them within this garden!

He also mentions about Porcupines & Wild Rabbits, which keep coming in & foraging………& he did mention about small Wild Cats which sometimes feasts on his chickens, with sharp long ears. Indeed couple of times it did whiz past me while driving back late in the night, some kind of a small jungle wild Cat & i do not think it is a Caracal.

He said next time when he goes to the forest to bring in some forest produce, i should also go with him…… for that surely my eyes lit up & i said i am always ready. Apart from seeing the habitat, i would also like to see the kind of plants which are growing & also see many of the edible root crops which would’ve sprouted in the forests now.

I seem to have stuck a rapport with Laxman, now that i had go away for a few days, when ever he comes to the nearest town on the weekly bazaar day he gives me a ring from a PCO & we have a good chat & he tells me everything is fine in the garden & he’s keeping an eye & there’s nothing to worry & when i am coming back etc !!

small mercies in life…….

None of the Maratha  crowd in the neighbourhood will have food or even a glass of water in Laxman’s house, due to caste issues.  For them Laxman et al is only to be used & abused for work. Caste issues are so strong in the village & its untouchability, apartheid & racism at its fore.

As for me, infact i cannot wait to shock these “apartheid practitioners” by walking into Laxman’s house & having a meal(s) & also share my food with him, among many other things.  In my eyes he is a handsome, hardworking young man.

Garv se kaho hum insaan hai ……