The other day i was discussing a few technical aspects about growing rice with one of the finest farmers in India…..

Later on he posted this letter to me, which i am reproducing here.

dear etc,etc !!

You deserve congratulations for buying a 7 acre land near Pune,
to start natural farming. Courageous people like you could be counted on fingers in this world. One can start natural farming just by avoiding unnecessary activities like tilling the land, using composts or fertilizers, burning crop residues etc.

Seven acres is a big piece of land which you are protecting for us all. Today, man is running after money and dying due to lack of natural food, water and air. People are thinking that if they have money, they can buy anything in this world. But, this is just an illusion.

Only the farmer who lives in a natural environment and practices natural farming can get natural food, water and air. Many people also think that by doing organic farming they can get natural food, water and air. But this is also an illusion.

Only weak plants grows on weak land, no matter how much organic fertilizer is added. The current crisis of environmental destruction
is the direct result of incorrect farming techniques. Global warming,
changing climates, epidemics and flourishing extremism are all outcomes of unsustainable farming methods.

Our group is very small but many members of our group have started natural farming. This is the only right path…….


I shared this letter with partner

She says

… that is really sweet, leaves one feeling small &  humble !

& she posted this reminder to me

Looks like things are getting serious !!