While  walking through the land, the one of the sights which astonishes me is the different types of berries on the land.

There is ofcourse an abundance of Karvanda (Carissa L.). Some of the trees do have nice big & sweet variety. Infact i cannot wait for the next summer to make  a green Chutney, with green Karvanda’s. And also to make Karvanda sherbet, & somewhere i had also read it is possible to make good quality Red wine from Karvanda…… Now that will be well worth an experiment.

Also one can’t help notice the toughness of the Karvanda bushes, they are really hardy, infact i have a very healthy Karvanda shrub, which is growing (believe it or not) on rocks !!  Unbeleavable sight.

With proper pruning these shrubs will really flourish & by the way the Karvanda thorns are really something. (with my liking to walk bare footed)  I already have had a good dose of thorns both on my soles & on my palms (while making heaps). For the temporary fencing of the land, almost all the thorny material was from Karvanda branches !!

From the humble Karvanda, now onto the other berries

Apart from the Ficus varieties & the Jamuns,  i am not able to ID any of the other berries, will wait for friends to come who are qualified to help me with this task…….

So as of now it is

berry, berry berry

its all berries …….