Yesterday i walk into the land i find my co-worker cleaning & oiling his country gun !!

Surprisingly i wasn’t shocked…. but was a wee bit surprised, so i asked him “hey, Prakash, you are cleaning that up for whom ?

He gave me an angry look & said go & see what’s happened to all the nursery soil heaps which you had collected & prepared ??

So, i went to have a look.

Ok, i could see some damage & i guessed it looked an activity of a pair of wild boars.

So, i went back to Prakash & said … hmm wild boars ??

So he said: All the heaps that you prepared are teeming with earth worms & wild boars love earthworms & unless we teach the boars a lesson, they are going to come back again & again & destroy everything, because you had told me that this whole place will be developed on the strength of earth worm activity….

Me: So, what you planning”??

P: Can’t you see i am getting my gun ready, plus if we kill a wild boar we will have enough to eat for a week, these are lean days you know .. no “sabzi” these days !!

Me : silent (not knowing how to handle this maverick).

Actually, i realise many times in my life i end up with this kind of mavericks. Or in fact mavericks get attracted to me. Take this example of Prakash, i knew him for a few weeks, then he told me, till you find someone to work with you, i am working with you, my family is big, we have 10 adults staying together, so if i do not go to work on the fields just now, it is ok, i will be with you till October & by then people will also be free & then there will be someone who will work with you in my place….

I can only thank my stars for my luck….. Prakash & me vibe great, i do not have to tell him what is to be done, he does things on his own initiative, plus he does things which i tell him to do with enthusiasm. We cook together, eat together & there is great camaraderie.  I remember fondly in the previous farm also we had a great team Ramila, Suman, Mangali & sometimes Savitha…. they were just great. This time i hope Prakash will be able to find me the right people or vice versa !

Now back to dialogues with Prakash….

P: Look at what the rats have done , they have chewed up the pipes, get a rat trap or get a cat !!

Me: ok. (thank gawd he did not say get rat poison……)

P: “See there are signs of termites on the wall, we need to do something about it”.

Me: Once we start living here regularly, wouldn’t that problem be solved ??

P: Ok You decide. Now there are lots of ants also, get some BHC powder…..

Me: hey, hey no BHC etc here ok, i myself cannot stand this kind of stuff, do you want to kill me or the ants ?? If we keep the house clean what is the hassle…. (as if the house is not spic & span)

P: Go have a look at the new sprouts of some of the Karanj (Pongamia pinatta) plants…. they have been eaten by crabs….

Me: Ok, we will replant them again, i’ve more seeds !!

P: But i am going to catch the crabs for dinner tonight & You are too patient & i am not.

Me: Hmm…. may be….

End of dialogue !!

Seems like mayhem here.  Everyone is planning & plotting to kill & devour each other, armaments & weapons of mass destruction et al. Did anyone mention peaceful coexistence…..

In such times i can only think of humming  away some meaningless & crazy song !!