The rains have been incessant

It’s not just the rains also the wind which comes along with it. When people had seen me planting some Pumpkins, cucumber & beans they had told me, wait till September. And weren’t they true. None of the pumpkins, cucumber nor beans have survived, not a leaf is remaining. Thankfully i had planted only a few, so come September one can plant more. Thankfully all the plants which are growing in the boundary have withstood the onslaught & survived & also the saplings which i had got from the nurseries. Like this Karanj plant who is already impressing me with rock star looks !

So in this part of the world mid July to mid August life is basically revolving around getting the rice fields ready & to get the transplantation done.

No vegetables can be grown….. point taken & a lesson learned !

So back to our rice fields & here are some saplings uprooted from the nursery & neatly tied in bundles & waiting to be planted to find their place in the sun !

While transplanting Prakash was asking me in between “how is it going” ? He may have been expecting to see me cringe but I said it’s almost like one is meditating or something, standing & covered in slush, bend down most of the time, taking each sapling into one’s hand & inserting it into soil, with the right thumb taking the brunt & a word of best wishes to each sapling as it is inserted into the slush…. It was just the calls of partridges from somewhere behind us,  the sound of water flowing next to us, the sudden downpours…..

And didn’t i  miss out on the day before when 21 people had come in to do the transplanting. That would’ve been utter havoc, with their constant chatter & leg pulling & i bet they would’ve found a way to have a go at me in spite of my quite ways !

We had decided not to crowd the saplings, so smaller & tender saplings have been planted four together & if there were stronger saplings we have even put just one. There was some mention from Prakash saying that this looks like a ‘Japanese padhat’ (way).  In all the neighbouring fields the saplings are planted much more closer. Well, no Japanese sensei has told me this,  its actually an Indian sensei & his name is Bhaskarbhai ( one of those farmers who make farming look so very easy from Umbergaon, Gujarat). He says so very often….. “do not crowd the saplings, give enough space for the tillers to come & give enough space for each leaf blade to harvest the sunlight”.

And i would’ve prefered to use a rope to get a nice equidistant & symmetrical look to it, Well….can do that next year.

Here is one of the fields two days after transplanting.

I think a few days of good sunshine is what these plants need to get them going & hopefully will give enough rice at least this year for my family….. And hopefully next year there will be enough to share with the extended family & all the dear friends.

These saplings had sprouted around mid-June. So a for a little less than 2 months they have been in the nursery, so i assume that in a weeks time, when the roots settle in, they will enter the vegetative stage, where new tillers start coming up & then onto the reproductive stage….

Here is another view of the field & if one clicks on the snap then one can see a handsome dog named Gangaram standing on the far end, who comes regularly to my house at 1 pm to have a bite & strangely enough he is one dog which doesn’t wag his tail at me ! Well,  wait & see Mr Gangaram…. one day i will win you over !

After hours of this new form of  “meditation”.…. its nice to have a few dry rocks to sit & to stretch one’s legs & enjoy a smoke contemplating on the day gone by.

bye !