Some friends  have asked me……. What do i cook & what do i eat when i am on the land etc.

Actually everything is very minimal as far as the kitchen is concerned, it is rustic & it is very spartan. But with my reputation of making big meals people wonder how do i survive !!

Actually there is a big secret in there.

Nobody knows how much i actually love kichdi & kanji, i can have it 365 days a year, i just love both of it.

With my Gujarathi connection Kichdi came into my life, probably they (in my partner’s family side) started to view me with suspicion because i can make ten different varieties of very un-gujarathi kichdi’s which i just love & adore when i am hungry. Kichdi with tadka, kichdi with vegetables, kichdi with shrimps, kichdi with chicken stock…… actually it can go on & on !

With my “mallu” upbringing, we always had kanji (rice porridge) atleast twice a week, i just love it. Here again i have 10 different variations to it, but nothing mallu about it since fresh coconuts are not available unlike home where they are in abundance. Also in Kerala there is are special varieties of rice which are used exclusively for Kanji.  So even my mallu version of Kanji will be frowned on by  my mother & sister !

Well, actually i just need a spicy bite to it, like a pickle, or some dried fish or shrimps or a good fresh spicy chutney …. I am happy !

But today on the land was different, we infact had a special meal….. when Prakash walked in with this fresh funghi on the land & asked me shall we have this for lunch !!

I said wow !

& the end product was this, which we hogged as if there is no tomorrow

For the moment lets call it Sauteed wild Funghi bruschetta !!