One day while collecting  nursery soil i bumped into this beauty, or to put it correctly this beauty just crawled onto me…….

Surprisingly i didn’t get nervous, i just allowed it to pass over my feet. Then i ran & got my phone to click a picture (so that i could id it). I also called out to Prakash, he then took this beauty on to a long stick and carried it away out of harm. I asked him…. ‘do you think its poisonous’ ??

As if it mattered 😦

It didn’t coil up to strike position, it was actually like a big earthworm & was seeking for cover……..

Later, when I was back in Pune i checked with experts…. came to know it was a Shield Tailed Snake. Also got the Marathi name from Preetee & Ashwin. Actually i felt good to be able to share the land with this blue & yellow beauty & also to be able to dispel the fears in Prakash & others ………. look the Shield Tailed is non poisonous………. please make sure you leave it alone……

Soon, i will be trying to tell him to leave alone the poisonous ones too! As if us, the self righteous Homo Sapiens are any less poisonous or vicious !!


Usually i am up & about by 6 am & i work straight to 12 pm, by then hunger pangs overcome me. After a hearty lunch, if i decide to sit down for a minute, i am finished…….. sleepiness & exhaustion trap me into a nap.

To break the trap, i usually go for a walk around the land.

If it is a sunny afternoon, then the land is usually engulfed by butterflies.  Like with snakes, i am no expert in butterflies either.

But take a look at this stunner who has been capturing my attention for many days

Also many wild plants just call out for my attention. This wild turmeric has Red stems, Green leaves, Red buds & the flowers when they come out are going to be White…… well, well….

They seem all out to be trying to seduce somebody, so i decided to called them the ‘dancing queens’

Also for over a month the Crested Serpent Eagles were not to be seen or heard, now they are back, so are some of the remaining Vultures. Need to borrow Kabeer’s camera to click them.

Some afternoons it feels good to step into the river & sit beside it & listen to its stories….

or may be check on flowers like this one below

or listen to intriguing bird calls…….

Actually i cannot decide what to do? Fukuoka san says “do nothing….” but that too seems a far away dream!! In fact i have many things to do as of now.

Bye !