Before the rains came, i used to collect drinking water from a common well about 200 mts away from the land and for washing & bathing I went to the river.

The rains started on 7th June & within a few days there were numerous small streams flowing like the one below forming small waterholes

The rain water seeps into the soil, then gets filtered through the various strata & rock layers & because of the gradient slope on the land, clear water comes out into the open once again…….at a different place.

With a watering hole like the one above, one just has to carefully scoop out the soil and stones to make it wider & deeper so as to allow for water collection without disturbing the soil.

The water is really crystal clear & i don’t even bother to boil it. I do use a strainer while filling up. When I am feeling thirsty and near one of these watering holes, it feels good to go on all fours & drink the water directly!

As the rains slowly start to recede, it will be interesting to see where all on the land one can feel a lingering of moisture.  We can dig a small “well” for drinking water & probably insert some fishes in it too !!