For some strange reason i started calling this jungle crow pair Mr & Mrs Biswas !

At lunch time they come outside our house without fail and it’s always just the two of them. They have started coming quite close to pick up the food so we know each other well enough. In fact one of them has only one eye, i think it’s the male.

After the lunch dishes are washed, they do the usual pecking/cleaning & then they are gone till next afternoon. While they are around, its their normal calling caw-aw-ah etc which is in the air. But sometimes they make a softer, gurgling, garbled kind of call…… which indicates a visitor is on the way.

Well, Mr & Mrs Biswas have been absolutely spot on up till now.

The first time they made the garbled call, the school teacher from the village school dropped by during lunch recess to say hello. The second time they made the garbled call, a senior farmer in the area dropped by to see what i am doing, what/how i am planting etc.

The third time i heard them call, a neighbour dropped in while we were making tea in the evening and the fourth time another neighbour came in for a cup of tea…..

This Mr & Mrs Biswas  seem cleverer than expected. Like what I read somewhere “they seem to use a combination of mental tools, including imagination & they do seem to anticipate future events”.

Will be interesting to see if i can over time, learn to decode or understand anything else that Mr & Mrs Biswas have to tell me….

Unlikely ….