The rains in Pishvi are something else altogether.

While driving in from Pune, it will be raining off & on & it’s the same when one crosses Velhe. Then the scenario slowly starts to change after one crosses Bhatti & when one enters the valley into Parsley. Sometimes the visibility is quite low & one thanks the stars that there is hardly any vehicle coming at you or even behind you. Then as one slowly goes down the Parsley valley & climbs the last one towards Madheghat, one can really feel the rain battering down.

In Wikimapia, this is where Acres Seven is located.

Well, the plain truth is that not much work was possible. I was sitting for an hour hoping the rains would ease, but it went on & on through the day, then through the night & continuing to the next morning…..

In between there was a small respite, so i was following this Plain Tiger…. (do click on the snap)

Then reached a place where i usually do not venture due to the thick undergrowth. Then saw this tree with nice big leaves, i believe it is called Karambel in Marathi, which means it is an Elephant Apple Tree… 🙂 The fruit pulp is used in many ways for cooking… lets see if it flowers & fruits, because all this while it has been hacked down & the leaves were used as plates for eating & serving due of its huge size.

Again i saw something which i had not noticed earlier…. i learned it is Hirda. Amazing tree & if one just goes through the medicinal uses which are mentioned in this link…. it seems like a goldmine. Prakash was mentioning to me that traders do come in later in the month to buy the seeds. I think this year we will use most of the seeds for propagation & the traders can wait !!

Then there was a Palash, badly hacked down & hopefully will recover in the years to come…. Wonder what colour the flowers are going to be…. Red, White, Orange or Yellow ??

In the meanwhile another Butterfly which i cannot identify was showing off its colours

Then i wanted to take some snaps of some noisy, cheerful Babblers nearby & was slowly & quietly making my way. But in the meantime an aquila decided to descend & sit, just for a few seconds, before deciding to move on…. i could not id it, i can only say it was huge & there was panic all around from all the small birds.

Then to beat the boredom we decided to go for the Crabs

I just hang some earthworms near those holes as a bait, after a while the crabs start to come out infact they pour out & Prakash catches them with his hand & in a jiffy drops them into a bag & do i need to say that the dinner would be long & prolonged & also exquisite.

Have got some Lime, All spice, Star fruit, Passion fruit, Banana’s & Black Peppers to plant….. but now will ‘ve to wait for the rains to cease a bit.

till then

ciao !