This is a question which is constantly thrown at me by friends & foes.

And do i have any answers ??

When someone asks me this, i usually go very quiet as is my norm & i think to myself & ask How much is actually enough ??

& What is actually enough for me may not be enough for someone else.

So for me it’s simply impossible to answer this question.

It’s like asking an artist…. how much will you earn from painting ??
or like asking a musician….how much will you earn from playing music ??
or asking a lover……. how much do you earn by loving ??

Or lets turn the question around a bit & ask :

Can an artist live life without painting ?
or can a musician live life without playing music ?
or can a lover live life without love ?

the same way

can a farmer live life without farming ?

The only thing i know for sure & am confident about is that: if we farm in communion with nature we will survive & it is possible to grow food in abundance on a small piece of land.

How much we will earn etc, I do not even think about it now. I just concentrate on my job which is to grow food in abundance.  The only thing i am conscious of is how much i spend & every time there is going to be a likely expenditure I make a conscious effort to see whether that expenditure is necessary or not.

To break even the price we paid for the land itself will take 6-7 years, as of now there is  a Well to be made, a Water Storage area & before some friends give up on us we need to make a decent enough toilet……so then How can one even talk or even think about earnings now?

The journey has only started, the caravan has only started to move & we have a long & winding road ahead….

And into that gate
one shall enter
& in that land
we shall dwell
where there is no cloud nor sun
no darkness nor dazzling
but one equal light
no noise nor silence
but one equal music
no fear nor hopes
but one equal possession
no foes nor friends
but one equal communion
and identity
no ends nor beginnings
but one equal eternity……… John Donne

And sometimes while walking around the land thinking about all this this music helps me to calm my nerves a bit !!