Recently while chatting with a friend, she asked me :

How is every one in your family ?

So i said… fortunately or unfortunately my family is becoming larger & larger !

My friend must’ve thought i’ve done something crazy with my love at this ripe old age, so she gave me a quizzical look & asked: huh… what ?

I said these days my family members add up to a few zillions….So which ones are you talking about ?

She said :  Shut up…

I said: No, i won’t shut up

Then what do you mean ?

Well, these days my family includes apart from all my loved ones, all the organisms which are helping me farm the land, many of whom i do not or cannot see, thousands of plants & trees, frogs, crabs, fish, centipedes, earth worms, barking deer, birds, chameleons, snakes, honey bees, termites, a few dogs & many other new ones that i keep bumping into almost every day.

& did i forget some intriguingly spectacular butterflies !

She says : True… how you managing ?

Well,  do i need to manage anything or why should anything be managed ?

Shut up, you nomad !! End of the story !


Here is my first sighting of the Common Map butterfly, don’t its wings look like a road map ??

& what can one say to this plant, which seems to say I don’t need any soil….. i am happy ‘on the rocks’ !

get the cue ?

& i always thought plants can only be propagated only from seeds, or cuttings or from rhizomes, i never knew there are some plants which can be propagated from its leaves. Thats what its called in marathi ‘paan futya’

I can’t wait to try it during the rains next year…. spread out the leaf, put some soil on it & watch new shoots coming out from all sides of a single leaf !

peace, love & a bit more of intrigue !