I’ve been clicking thousands of snaps in the last few months, but not a single one did i really adore or did I say to myself…. Yes, this is a reasonably good snap

& now it seems finally i’ve got a picture that i fell in love with……

One morning i was a bit jobless. I was about to leave the farm for a few days and so was doing nothing but walking around & trying to soak in every passing minute before i left. That’s when i discovered this tree, with all these small flowers & lots of butterfly activity around it. I stood there & watched the action for a long time.

On the farm front, 400 empty cement bags have been organised from the Gram panchayat & we will make a small check dam, filling the cement bags with sand & pebbles from the river bed itself, to store water on the river. Lets see how it goes !

The Wheat & Channa are growing, there are still 3 months to go, but any time things could change for the worse. This is the first time i am growing wheat so i’ve nothing personal experience to fall back on. People have been telling me that i should have sown the seeds closer, in fact they were saying that while i was sowing too.

But i wanted to plant them thinly. I followed the same principle that i insisted on with rice, i.e to allow the leaves of one seedling to harvest the full sunlight & then one gets the same yield from one seedling, which otherwise one would’ve got from 5 seedlings. Right now i feel i should keep my mouth shut, see that the moisture remains, observe the growth & hope for the best !

Actually when i started writing the post,  saying “things ain’t good” i meant to write about the struggle to grow vegetables, but will write about it later.

Peace, love & yet another dose of carbohydrate