ID confirmation says it’s a Blue winged Leafbird (female)

Birds have a way of coming in front of you at the most unexpected of times. In the last 6 months i had never seen a Leafbird in the area & suddenly there was a flock of 4 or 5 of them chirping & feeding in front of me. I had to make a dash, wash my dirty hands & just enough time to go & find my camera & click.

A few years back my teenaged son was introduced to birds by two of his wonderful teachers Manish bhaiyya & Priyanka didi & one of the things that Manish bhaiyya had told him was if you don’t spot a leafbird…. then you cannot be a birder. And i remember very clearly the first time he saw a Leafbird he was jumping up & down in excitement. Fortunately for me this flock came bang in front of me & i did not have to do any expert 3rd eye sighting which most birders have & i unfortunately don’t have !

But i never even thought that this sighting is possible in the “realm of possibility” on this land. Looks like this land has many more surprises in store….

The flock flew on to the next tree, but i decided not to follow them & let them be.

Untill next time,

adios amigos !

PS: The tree on which these birds are sitting has an interesting name: its called the Fish Poison Tree !