To improve the timbre of the top soil, especially in the rice fields, the basic & the most effective technique is to take a legume crop.

So we’ve sowed Chickpeas & like all other legumes, they set up a mutual exchange with soil microorganisms called nitrogen-fixing bacteria to produce nitrogen compounds for the soil.

Plus, the rice field will get all its leaf fall & after harvesting the Chickpeas i want to leave all the remaining plant parts also on the soil.

These chickpeas should be ready in about 70 days time. Chickpeas for fresh eating can be picked when pods are still immature and green. For dried chickpeas, harvest the entire plant when the leaves have withered and turned brown, then place the plant on a flat, warm surface and allow the pods to dry.

Interestingly we’ve pruned each & every plant, by pinching the top, to encourage more branching.

One big hurdle to cross in order to get a successful crop comes in the form of Aphids & i am keeping my fingers crossed. Because an aphid attack can start anytime & once they come then there is nothing i can do to stop or control it.

So as of now, i cannot even start imagining of making fresh Green chickpea kebab’s or the very simple but very satisfying & finger licking Chickpea chaat or even even my trademark kadala curry.

Sigh !