Ever since the rains eased i’ve been thinking, plotting & planning on how to store the water in the river & when i heard the village Gram Panchayat office has got a few thousand empty cement bags to make small check dams, i immediately went & got a couple of hundred bags.

Then five of us got into the act for a couple of days filled up the bags with the material (sand, rubble etc) from the river side & placed the bags across the river.

After we finished, within an hour the water level rose upstream for about half a kilometre !

Since the bags had not settled in, we didn’t want the pressure to break our small dam (since our backs were already broken by lifting & placing the bags), so we removed a couple of bags, to allow the water to flow. Maybe after a couple of weeks we will plug it fully.

But as of now it looks good, the bags are holding up, the level of water upstream seems good enough to last through till the next rains & i can’t wait for the summer to come in so that we can dive in for a swim & of course the resident Kingfisher seems  very happy, with the assured supply of fish…..

and so seems the Wire tailed Swallows…

All the cattle in Pishwi village (13 houses) will have enough water through the hot months, keeping that in mind i had asked some of them to come & help us…. but no one came. I was thinking to myself if anyone was making a similar check dam down stream, i would’ve without hesitation gone & helped voluntarily. But money economy & its use & abuse philosophy seems to have seeped in to even all the quiet corners of the country.

We’ve got a diesel pump to take care of our irrigation. As far as clear water is concerned, next month Micheal Davis will be coming & spending a few days to help us find water on the land, for pure spring water from the rocks …… that’s something which i am really looking forward to, to observe this genial amazing man go about water divining through dowsing

peace, love & a few things to look forward to…