But, its been a tough year for all three of us. The constantly on the move mode has taken its toll. Mentally, physically, emotionally the strain shows & even one’s health has gone for a six. The prise rise of all essential commodities has been shocking to say the least. And i miss my daily aikido practice & my riyaaz.…i’ve not held the bansuri in my hand for the last few months.

Well, another year to go for son to finish schooling, then we can all be together & some ‘stability’ might return in our lives. ‘Hope to hang in there in one piece, till then. Though i do not believe in god & i am not religious, but i do sometimes pray & thank for been blessed with a wonderful partner & a lovely son & a few wonderful friends who have stuck it out with me.

Incidentally, i had to go to hometown for some work & as luck would have it, i got a chance to go to Parssini kadavu & visit my favourite prayer place, which has managed to remain unspoilt by all the religious bigotry around. It was nice to sit there quietly & to be in dialogue with Muthappan pondering over the year gone by & year ahead.

The year ended with partner & son on the land, they indeed have really sharp eyes & are quick to spot any whisper of the wings & they’ve  come up with some stunning images of birds in & around the farm.

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ciao… next year & a chance to see the bright side of everything !