Diclofenac has destroyed vultures, they are a rarity & to find five of them hovering on top of you, well, one should consider oneself blessed. I heard from people, that there used to be fields covered with vultures & now we do not see any …

Wheat is growing well, just watered it three times & neem cake was the only additive added to the soil at the time of tilling…… small mercies in life !!

chapatis, roti & baakri…. is done for the year for all friends & family ……yay !!

Michael is doing the water divining & we had very intense four days in which he dowsed, divined & searched etc

In the meantime we have some fabulous tomatoes growing, there is hardly any water content in them, each tomatoes weigh around 200 gms & hard as a cricket ball !

Shhh….Michael is still at it

and this dahling is also up to her tasks

Moti…. a beautiful pup came into our lives, was following me all over, was jumping into the river also in gay abandon, he was one of those dogs which could communicate with its looks.. but sadly went away soon & there was nothing i could do to prevent him from dying. Very disturbing, especially since we had some plans to get a pair of Caravan hounds.

Wild boars came in one night & finished off the sweet potatoes, barking deers feasted on the wheat. All in one night when Shankarya & Rani decided to wander off, the next night when they were back they almost caught a boar. Thats where i’ve been thinking of Caravan Hounds, but after seeing Moti fade away, that plan will wait till all of us move into Pune & we have a proper house in the farm ……

really beautiful flowers are growing & I’ve never seen these before…..

More surprises…. something very rare & very special……its Oberonia……an orchid

& awesome spider webs below it……….

& an old ant hill, which i believe has been there for more than 20 years. So many things which we take for granted or do not even notice. According to Micheal: nature can see many things which we are not even aware of. The oberonia, the ant hills, the cobweb formations….. & now u know why michael is at his best………

Seven (well, the number seven seems to follow us !) geo thermal aquifers are flowing down below where he is standing at a depth of around approx 135 ft… amazing isn’t it !

One of the best things in life is when friends come over, especially my dear friend Ubai. All of them are having a go at me just now, throwing various suspicions on me !

But serious discussions about  buildings & constructions & the costs involved took a lot of our time.

Then we headed to Andy’s place…… awesome is not the word, the forests, the lake etc, but primarily again to see his work & also to get an idea what we are getting into. But Ubai & Andy had different ideas, they basically freaked out, baked, cooked, expressed themselves…. whatever…. the works… me & lahar were only spectators…. just waiting in bated breath !!

then finally…..  we ate to our hearts contents

Back in the farm & i’ve been concentrating in building nursery soil, many heaps are getting ready & hopefully come summer they will be welcoming the turmeric, ginger & the yams to grow on it.

life is good, as of now 

peace, love & wish moti was around

i miss him