yes, we will use laterite

no, we will use basalt

the laterite does not have the finish

too much labour costs just to get one finished stone

but, the basalt is too expensive

it comes to almost Rs15/- a stone

where is the wood

we should not cut new wood or should we

Where is the sand

can we make our own bricks using adobe techniques

Hell, now let’s settle for rubble

get the transport organised

Hell, the tyre is punctured again

and again

shit, how will the trucks come in

or we use tractors

what does the law say about building a house on agricultural land

check out the bare acts in maharashtra land revenue code

what flooring

what is the roof going to be

how big will the windows be

what is the plinth size?

where are the designs?

less cement, almost no bricks

but we will use tiles for roofing?

thatch ??  no way, fire hazard

then Laurie Baker style roof… or what ?

Oh.. lizards will come in… now what ??

whats the costing of it all?

#$*&…. wtf

will it fit into the budget?

shit, this is going to be our home

where we two good ‘ole wines will be dancing to certain tunes

all eyes are on andy’s team & lahar to deliver

but we’ve never build one in our lives

may not need to build again

which side…. east, west, north, south has the best views?

this is getting weird or no it’s not

what kind of house is this going to be?

earth house, no, then what is this called?

forget it

does the design have enough storing place

seeds, rice, wheat, tools…

should we bother about getting electricity?

well, might as well

where will the fish pond be?

do we have a fire-place, chimney etc?

do we make an oven to make our breads, roasts etc?

where will we hang kabeer’s paintings?


Maan, the month is really whizzing by

Its been a month where i’ve not been able touch the soil in the farm. Time went in getting the materials,  finding the right people, the costing, will it fit in our budget, are we doing the right thing by building a place now or should we have waited for a year, but finally all the materials are slowly making their way through Khyber pass on to our land & the (wo)man power to build will be coming in by first week of March & camping on our land for 45 days, till the works is over !

In all this material hunting, costing etc a kind of inertia had set in, but once Andy’s team sets in afoot,  it will be really exciting to work with them placing stone over stone & doing the works……


Btw i want to share the following verse, which i heard yesterday & its the magic of Faiz Ahmed Faiz……

To die in order to live

How illuminating it is

To live just to die

How humiliating it is

Live alone

like a tall graceful tree

& in togetherness

like a dense forest

even while broken

we’ve lived with hope

this is how i’ve loved you……

Mean while a Brahminy kite makes a rare appearance…..