with a new matka

& its nice to have gallons of chilled water !!

& always good to have some friends over…

& here is Jan after a really  long, long journey,  straight away diving in to the river, he did not want to come out of the water & he was swimming so quietly that even the kingfishers did not mind him swimming just below them…. i wish i could swim like him !!

and so with Jacob

& to beat the heat, yours truly has been diving in to the river at least 5 times a day…

In the mean time the vegetable beds are being worked on….with some magic. In the mornings we go to the wooded areas of the farm & we sit below each tree and collect sacks full of vermi castings. These vegetable beds have a generous dose of this nature’s bounty. By 11 am the heat gets on you…. then its time to retreat into the cooler environs, have lunch, read, take a nap or play some music. Then back again to action from 3 pm until dark. The amazing thing about these vermi castings is that, when i go back to the same place the next day, the earth worms have dropped more castings…. isn’t that amazing & truly nature’s bounty !!

And all the coconuts have been planted into empty cement bags (filled with vermi castings), now that there is time to prepare the pits for the coconuts plants & also one can wait to plant them till the rains, in the mean time they can start growing in the nursery soil bags.

& it was also the quietest holi i ever had…just three of us working, inter-spread with some great discussions about how to make this farm work & how to make it self sustainable, about the system of rice intensification (SRI), about No till, about direct seeding for rice, about seed exchange.

At the end of the day, i’ve to choose which path to go ahead.

Some people think i am an expert in Natu-eco farming, & its true, my fundamentals were instilled by Dabholkar, but to make this farm a living farm, something where i gain sustenance from  ( economically/ financially) …………

Well, for me that’s the key. Till i tell my partner… hey c’mon  let’s go for a holiday to goa, from the earnings from the farm….

Till that happens i will be very quiet, un reachable & undercover.


i needed this questioning  & a quiet holi !!

Drilling for water is scheduled on the 24th…. & it’s going to be a day to remember forever…. either way !

Hopefully the tension will not kill me.

peace, love & a deep breath to ease the nerves