Finally, after a night long effort of coordination with the drillers about the direction to reach the farm etc, they finally reached River side @ 7am. They had a rest for a while & then installed the equipment & finally the compressor was switched on @ 10 am.

As the colours change one can see the changing strata through which the drill is going through. At 61 ft @ 1.30 pm one could get to see the first signs of moisture.

All the people who were drilling were from the ‘war zone’ in Chattisgarh, amazingly simple souls. This guy Gopi who was operating the compressor will always be a source of inspiration. From the minute the compressor was switched on from 10 am in the morning…. till the time the compressor was switched off.. i.e 4 am the next day he just took two breaks for 10 mts…. that was some strength & stamina.

By 2.30 pm there were many tired souls, drilling is on & every one is almost dozing off..

By 6pm the drilling became painfully slow, we started going through hard rock, by 7.30 pm lights were put up & i started to get very anxious, we had gone past 150 ft.

Thankfully Michael was with me & he had warned me the day before to be prepared for a long & painfully slow drilling. Plus he had also warned me that even though the geo-thermal point is strong, but the quantity of water will not be as much as we had expected. Since it is a matter of faith, i left it to him to decide, how deep we should drill etc.

Plus, it was an unusually cold night, add to it my anxiousness, by 1am we were actually shivering in the cold. I decided to put away my camera, ‘lest it falls off my shaky hands !

Drilling continued till 4am & that was @ 300ft, all the rods were exhausted. From 1am to 4 am constantly there was a hissing sound of water coming out, but it never burst through.

Michael had a train to catch, so we started our drive back to Pune almost immediately. Since i had no experience of drilling for water, & since i did not see any water burst through, i was thinking “shit…. this is Rs 50,000/- gone to the drain”, i was down to my pits. So while driving back with my voice choking i tentatively asked Michael … so what can be done next, (since i assumed/or thought it was a failed drilling) & how does one retrieve the situation, why there was no water etc…

He said…. 90% of people may not even have so much water, you will only realise the importance of it all, when in the heat of summer, when all other water sources will dry up, but this source will always remain & also he says this point is a very rare case in which the quantity of water will only improve by usage….. Well, his presence was re-assuring  & if he wasn’t there i would’ve gone insane & probably by now would find me walking & sleeping around  in the streets.

Fortunately some sanity prevailed & now we are basically talking about a geo-thermal aquifer which is below @ 300ft, which will pump 1,200 – 1,500 ltrs of water an hour. The proof of the pudding is in the eating & in this case it will be tasted only when we install a submersible pump.

But before that i have a few more bridges to cross.

First i’ve to get it endorsed ( by the revenue authorities) on the land title papers that a bore well  has been dug on the land, then i’ve to put in an application with the MSEB for an 3 phase agricultural power connection.  Hopefully get the power connection without much ado. After that i will be purchasing a 1.5 HP Submersible pump, get it installed, after it is installed for about 3 weeks one needs to only do flushing, then after 3 weeks one may probably able to get to see crystal clear geo-thermal water.

Still long, long way to go…..

Did anyone say all roses have thorns !! Or as the saying goes

” You can complain that roses have thorns,

or you can rejoice because thorns have roses “

So @ River side, as always…… its time to rejoice with the thorns