For a month or two, there was a lull with the Butterflies, i did not see much activity, but now they seem to be back in full force. But most of the times i did not have a camera in hand to freeze the moments., especially the big ones like the Blue Mormons & Sword fly, who are so quick & just too busy.

But i love this action snap….  taken while the butterfly is still in motion on a lime tree.

Parubai… is the matriarch of Pishwi village. I’ve watched her & seen her as one of the free souls in the village… not miss the ring side view of fashion in Pishwi !

Then one day while sitting by the river…..what is this ?? sometimes yellow… sometimes blue.. but the tail is wagging all the time. Its actually a first time sighting on the farm of the Citrine Wagtail

One day while entering T7….. i see this cormorant sitting by the river & really meaning business vis-a-vis catching fish…. again another first time sighting on the land. (click on the snap to enlarge it & have a look at its feet !)

I tip toed quite close, then left it alone, since i’ve my sympathies to fellow fish eaters ! Enjoy your meal buddy…. ‘though it looks quite deadly in this snap, one should see the time it takes to land on to one spot…. it keeps circling, circling to eternity…. then slowly descends to its favourite spot

Like the butterflies… after a lull the dragon flies are also back…. i could only click this red beauty….

Though the summer heat is making the land parched, but some brilliant flowers  seems to come up & there is a lot of honey-bee activity

Iron wood tree… with its lavender shades, then of course the Pallas i.e the Flame of the forest with its brilliant red 

‘Though the white & the yellow/orange varieties seems rare to the area.

Partner was quick to snap this Rat snake. Now with the heat rising snakes are more visible since they come out looking for cooler environs…. but they risk their lives also… because we, the Homo sapiens have the tendency to kill without any reason !

I really don’t know how the last month just flew @ T7….. but i ‘ve been really caught up again with all the infrastructure work & unfortunately on the farming front i have not been able to concentrate & achieve much & it rankles me that the place is not swarming with vegetables, herbs & fruits. But, yes of course the Wheat & Chickpeas et al were harvested & many a lessons were learned for improved cropping next year

Come April & i will make amends… its time for the big push forward !