All said & done whatever methods of farming one wants of pursue…. growing food is not easy. On one hand it’s almost like starting a new business venture, but on the other hand it’s really very,very different. (mainly because one is working with earth & not with cash notes)

A business venture might just fall apart due to the unpredictability of the market forces. But with farming its different… it will not fall apart (unless the draconian Land Acquisition Act, 1894, comes in the area & forces us at gunpoint to give up the land…..)

1. Every investment on the land ( to make it sustainable & productive) will add to the real value of the land. So, every day of the last one year, there has been a + added somewhere on the land, whether it’s in the form of creating a great rice field, or in the form of a live fence, or in water storage, or the number of trees & bio-diversity added, the growth & protection of the existing trees, in developing the vegetable (raised beds) & fruit plots etc, plus the constant learning from the mistakes i committed (esp: in wheat-growing, in irrigation techniques) …. its been  + + +(plus, plus, plus) . So if,  for some unforeseeable reason, one has to sell off the land, there will be absolutely no financial losses…. which may not be the case in a business venture.

2. If one adds to it & says in the coming year we can minus off at least 50% of our expenses incurred on food… that will be a reasonable target to set.

3.  Another way of looking at things would be to say…. just now we have a “single tier” planting on the land, so by the next rains it can be a reasonable target to set to have a “two-tier” planting, which also means that i have to accelerate the process of nature to create fertile soil, at any place in a short span of time !

In other words it means increase the green canopy, in other words it means that if measured in the increase of dry weight of the plant it means an increase of 2 to 3 gms per sq ft area per day…..

so on & so forth…..every three months is a segment in itself, everything will change after every three months & change will be always constant. The traditional language of farming namely tilling, sowing, fertilising, watering, weeding, protecting, reaping of crops etc can be kept aside. There is a need for a quantum leap which is not only critical & scientific….. but something which strikes a chord, with the “sur” (notes/ from the ‘heart), with the “taal “ (rhythm/ from the head) with some of the questions which the land has posed to me vis-a-vis with some of the questions which we’ve posed to the land, i want that process to be dialectic, wherein we can resolve our dis-agreements !

The journey continues onward, the caravan is moving…

& hopefully ‘will not miss out any important writings on the sign-posts on nature’s path…….

ciao…somewhere, sometime in this journey, & i leave with one of my favourite songs