He was great company to be with

He had a real personality

He was a free spirit

He was very uncomplicated, no-nonsense & carried no baggage

He was a superb watch dog

He saved my rice crop from persistent Wild boar attacks

He also chased the cattle which strayed on to the farm

He had a serious presence

Whenever he wanted a bit of TLC, he asked for it

He had a way of snuggling into me & with his jaws open up my arms to cuddle him

He had a way of looking into my eyes

His face was very expressive

He always rested his head on my laps

He showed off his shoulder muscles or leg muscles for a rub-in

He never slept in the night

He always sat in his royal style right below my charpoy

He always jumped onto the charpoy around 4am & slept on top of my feet

He was proud & had an attitude

He was never collared or chained in his life

He wore his heart on his sleeve

He was so much a part of the farm

He went unstable for a couple of days, killed two neighborhood goats, charged at people with the intention to bite & maim, what happened to him is something which i cannot understand…..

He was put  sleep

now, only these pictures remain….