With the river filling up, access to the land is difficult, one has to walk about 2 kms to reach the farm, but a walk along the river with nature at its best, i am not complaining……

Rain Leave, Rain stay, Rain GO….. 
Its difficult to put down in words the transformation rains can bring. Its beautiful….. but i also know the dangers, but as of now lets enjoy the changes in nature.

Wild turmeric is up & about…. now waiting for the Spiral ginger

Any close look into any tree foliage reveals orchids…..

sometimes the clouds just come in & envelope the land & its difficult to even see 10ft away….

the transformation in the river with just four days of rain is amazing, water is gushing, our temporary check dam et al all had to give way to the force of nature….

the water in the river is loud & impatient…

but a basket full of fish is harvested every day & not to mention the crabs & clams……

 & a fresh harvest of tapioca to go with it for a warm meal…

The rice nursery is a week old

Still lots of planting work is to be done…. shevga, karanj, sagargota, nirgundi, vetiver, citronella……. & then ofcourse in two weeks time comes the back-breaker…. the rice transplantation !!

Meanwhile some friends braved the rain…

& do i need to say that….we had a great time together ! Jamuns, mangoes, karvanda were plenty for all…. & the constant sightings of  quails made it a memorable day

In the mean time paaru also makes an entry into our lives……..finally fresh manure is readily available & a circle is created: fodder from the land-food for paaru– manure back to the land to enrich it more, so on & so forth. Hope to make the circle  more complex by creating bio-gas in the near future….

 Lots of things happening…. & its 7am to 7pm days

there is no time to sit for a while nor even for a swig of ole’ monk…..

inshallah !