Rains seen from a personal & selfish viewpoint after a while with all the illnesses, not been able to work, generally fed up been wet & drenched, slippery surfaces, lack of sun light et al  can be troublesome.

Its only a mere bloody, selfish viewpoint. The nature’s greening which occurs during the rains is immense, no human effort can ever replace it. Completely dry landscapes can transform itself into something spectacular, seeds are sprouting from nowhere, tubers with spectacular flowers, the green is unbelievable, the earthworms, millipedes, centipedes & all the micro organisms are having their time of their lives, every day there is a snake which zooms past you…..Its time when nature just forgives us, it’s a time when nature just expresses itself, it’s a time when we as human beings have very minimal role to play in the greening, its time when nature shows us our place & shows us our small corner where we belong & it’s also a time when nature guides us on how greening has to be done…… & so many more.

So who i am to complain huh?

An early morning drive to the farm is really riveting, bird calls, flowers, streams, waterfalls……

even if one wants to reach the farm quickly, sometimes one feels the drive shouldn’t end !

& some of the colours in the farm are so stunning

I am reminded of this

“…….no beauty on earth lasts forever…. it just comes & goes, but it comes with a huge price as well. So whatever one sees as profitable flee from it, drink poison & pour away the water of life, abandon the security, live in frightful places, throw away reputation, become disgraced & shameless….”