I am not sure of what i was doing in Aug 2010, it was the honey-moon period with the land, everything was new, in every new step there was so much to observe & learn. But as of today aug 2010 looks so blurred.

Infact that is one good reason to have this blog going, so that i can also have peep back into aug 2010 & check out i had been up to.

Last year, we had only two fields of rice, but this year we have four fields & four varieties of rice growing, plus two & a half fields of turmeric, one field of Yams, one field of Rapeseed (canola) & since we haven’t yet reached those levels of do-nothing farming, all of these crops require regular maintenance. Plus, there is three dogs to be fed & a calf to be tended to, to be taken out grazing & looked after

For the rice fields one needs to keep an eye on the water, block the water when it stops raining for a couple of days, then allow the water to flow away when it rains heavily, do a foliar spray when there is a rare sunny day etc.

For the root crops; work has been in the form of weeding, ashing, mulching, trying to inter-crop with nitrogen fixers & marigold (the heavy rain has spoilt the plan as of now) & continuing the same process once every 15 days for the first three months of the crop.

Whereas Rapeseed/Canola/Kurasini has been a dream …… a complete no-maintainence crop, an absolute do-nothing !

Plus there is Papaya, Banana, Drumsticks, Coconuts & many other fruit plants to be attended to with baskets full of mulch…….. but its been a real hide-n-seek with the rain.

Lots of food available on the farm in the form of crabs, clams, fish & green leaves, wild mushrooms etc & somedays one is really spoilt for choice !

Rain might prevent us from working, but to go in search of these goodies who thinks about the rain !

adios …till next time !