Once i was walking around the farm, i could hear alarm calls by squirrel’s on a mango tree. I went to have a look & quietly made my way up towards the mango tree, i only got a flitting glimpse of this amazing looking raptor, which just spread its wings & took off !

Then again after a week or so once i saw it in flight. A month passed by & i was not able to find out which bird it was, then one day again i hear the screeching alarm calls of the squirrel’s. I quickly washed my hands, went & picked up the camera & quietly made a dash to the mango tree…

Yes, “the majesty” was sitting there, constantly moving from branch to branch & was probably waiting for a oppurtunity to raid the squirrel’s nest to take the litter !

I was thinking, it’s a Short toed snake eagle, but i saw the ‘crest’ only when the snaps were uploaded on the computer !

I thought of quietly going closer, but “the majesty” was already giving me the looks…..

I decided to leave them alone & not bother to find out whether the raptor had its meal or if the squirrel’s managed to save themselves by the ruckus they created !

There were guest appearances from a pair of Snake birds, Ibize’s & Pied Crested Cuckoos, but wasn’t able to snap them. The Crested Serpent Eagle made a few appearances. I bump into so many snakes every day, so was hoping to catch the Crested Serpent in its classic pose with a snake in between its beak……

but nothing of that sort as of now 

Hasta luego,

hasta pronto!