The month of August kept reminding me of the story of the “Emperor without clothes”. When the month ended there was  more clarity & a timely reminder came in…..

“We can whisper about injustice, when they talk about bribes.

We can talk about hunger, when they talk about fasting.

We can celebrate life when they rehearse their martyrdoms…..”


For a couple of days i was on an overdrive, the rains had finally eased off a bit, my mind was out of the slumber (yes, the rains have hit me mentally & physically- i have sunk into an hibernation).

Sensing the monsoon was over, i woke up & was lining up things to do & like a royal idiot planning also.

When the hot spot @ T7  starts looking like this, you think well, now its time to start thinking of the winter crops !

but it was only a calm before the storm………see what i mean !

the river which was looking nice & peaceful


i retreat….

like a dog with its tail between its legs !

Such is life.