It’s three & a half months since we saw a sunrise on the farm; clothes do not dry for weeks; the floor in the house is wet with just a few dry spots left; everything is damp; due to the constant wetness the skin in-between the toes have started to peel off (how many band-aids can one use?); even the fifty odd drumstick saplings which i had so lovingly & hopefully planted in june have disintegrated & rotted, the ones which have survived do not have a leaf left on them…….

The main crops i.e rice & turmeric are average, nothing spectacular but decent enough. (On a scale of 10, i would give 5.5 to my crop as of now)

People keep checking out with me what fertilizer i’ve used ? I reply to them very sternly in marathi : ‘Upasshi mela tari chalte, pan zameenacha nuksan mi nahi karen’ ( its ok with me to die of hunger, but i will not damage the land…..)

Big words ! In reality i am very nervous. I am good at hiding the nervousness, plus there is nothing i can do now except for a few more of foliar sprays. It’s time to remain still & stick to one’s beliefs & have faith in them.


Some interesting tit bits here :

Someone in the neighbouring village of Nigdi had a spectacular rice crop last year & he had used all kinds of chemical inputs. He repeated the same process this year…. the result has been disastrous, the plants grew to half feet & wilted!

Another interesting development has been Prakash (who works with me on the farm) has instructed his family members not to use any chemical inputs on their rice field this year. His mother & brother met me the other day & was telling me that after he has worked with you for a year he says ‘Upasshi mela tari chalte, pan zameenacha nuksan nako karoon….’

I was like: Ouch …. looks like some of my catch-phrases are entering the local lingo  !!


Its time to go seed hunting for winter vegetables. Browsing through the shelves in any seed store its only the labels of Mahyco (Monsanto), Dow chemicals etc that stare down at you. One has spent a lifetime shouting hoarse about these rogue companies, i can never get myself to buy any of their seeds.

Time to look elsewhere!


Tasks ahead:

Firewood which was stored before the rains is almost over. Its time to find real alternatives for our cooking & hot water needs.

A bathroom/toilet to be built

Get power connection for the farm

Plan out plumbing work for irrigation of winter crop

Get the promised access to our land, for which monies have been paid, or get the monies back from the agent & also head butt him & leave him with a few broken teeth, a bleeding nose & few scars which he would not forget very easily

Introduce a few goats & hens into the farm


How much ever one complains about the continuous rains, one has to humbly admit the last 3 months have been spectacular in the healing of the earth & when the rains leave us in a few weeks time, they will leave a void. One wonders how many miles & miles water is travelling before we are getting our glass/bottle/bucket full ?

These are unfortunately the last of the pictures of this kind for the year, one feels like folding hands & saying thanks to the unknowns.…….

A la prochaine !