I first saw a Short toed snake Eagle a couple of years ago when we were still searching for land. It was hovering for a long time and then slowly dived in a good 50 mtrs & caught something….. partner & I were looking at each other with our mouths open, it was just amazing !


The other day i was walking to the land with Prakash, when i met someone who i knew & he offered me a bidi. We were smoking and going through the ritual chit-chat of how was the rice crop this year, will it rain again or not etc. Prakash was carrying a head load and so had walked on. Suddenly i notice him waving frantically and pointing towards a tree across the river.

I knew it was a bird….. but didn’t expect this….. phew !

Do also have a look at this page where we have listed out the birds we have seen in & around the farm.

Guest appearance again, two days later at the same spot, same time…. phew !

Paz, el amor & cuidar a mi amigo !