though i like to put up a macho face etc………

sometimes its good to admit a few (in fact many) serious weaknesses………

One of them is is that I just love & adore country dogs !

Sometimes i feel, when i see the most aggressive dogs like the Rottweilers et all , i tell myself give me just 15 mts;  we will be playing with each other & frolicking & rolling on the ground ! There is something about me which even the most aggressive dogs, see as a calming influence !!

Well. these are my new soul mates on our farm……they are so adorable & such great company &  if ever anyone comes to our farm be prepared for a “grand welcome ritual” !

I know my son has some genes from me, so he is also fantastic with dogs…… but have a look at partner (chilled out on the charpoy with kaalya below her !!)


but seriously speaking: is life on a farm possible without dogs ?