Rice is coming to harvest in a couple of weeks, rape seed/canola harvest will start in a couple of days. But i had to stop working for a couple of days because its diwali & my co-workers need a break !!

There is something about diwali which puts me off, especially the conspicous consumption which goes with it & yes, i just dislike firecrackers. As a child i used to enjoy doing it, then one day in front of me i saw my best friend at that time getting badly burned & that was it, i never handled one after that, thankfully my teenage son is also not too fond of it. Standing outside our house in pune & watching the firecrackers going, i realise that life isn’t good.

Tacitus, the historian, claims Nero organized a party after the ‘Great Fire of Rome’ to eliminate rumors that he caused the fire. Apparently, many ‘criminals’ (like you & me) and ‘slaves’ were burned to provide light for the party. Who were Nero’s guests? Is the party still going on? Are Nero’s guests still around?

I hate looking at myself on the mirror, but a few times when i happen to look at myself, its scary,  i feel i am a fraud. Sometimes i feel, why am i doing this internet stuff (this blog & the Fb page etc), when the farm is still in its infancy, i feel like deleting this blog & its Fb page. Sometimes i feel there is no point in talking, it makes sense just doing the work on the farm quietly.

Recently some people had called me for a consultancy, with a mouth-watering pay cheque etc, i gently refused. I refused because i know that my farm has not broken even, there is nothing to show, i also know there will be no joy in it, because to get results from the farming methods that i adopt takes years & years of toil. Corporate language says to master something one has to put in minimum 10,000 hrs of work & practice, but have a look at this documentary film, Nero’s guests , where it tells us the tale of generations of farmers in this country.

Welcome to farming !!


every one these days is talking of Occupy wall street, Occupy dalal street, occupy this, occupy that etc, etc…….

i was thinking why occupy ?

why not unoccupy ?