Recently a friend had come visiting ….

& after walking around, talking & discussing about how we found this land & the time & effort that had gone in to find something which we liked etc- he said…. it looks good, you seem to have found a nice nesting place. After a year & half on the land, what do you think are the negatives of this place ?

He got me thinking, so here we go with what i feel are the negatives of this place :

1. Even though i am a very quiet type & like to just be in some corner, but the truth is that i like to be among friends (even if it is in a quiet corner!!). I miss the fact that there are no friends close by where one can just drop in, help with some farming, cook together, have a meal together & share a laugh or a few tears around a fire-place.

2. Another big negative is that something is missing in the soil. I came here with my experience of farming in coastal Maharashtra & South Gujarat yet it seems like a different world even though it’s just 300 kms away. After Prof. Dabholkar helped us crack a few codes,  growing fruits & vegetables was a pleasure. Whereas it’s not happening here as of now. There are many factors involved like the heavy rainfall, different climate & humidity levels, a different PH, me not on the land on the continuous basis & many more codes to be decoded. Our earlier place was just a plain rectangular piece of land where basic amenities came with the land. Here this place involves so many contours which requires a clear Perma culture based design, basically we are starting from scratch.

3.  Accessibility is also a huge minus. Not in terms of distance from Pune as that we knew very well from the beginning what we were getting into. The drive is not exactly on a F1 track !!  For digging a bore well we could not get the big vehicle because it wouldn’t climb the ghat. Even when we agreed upon a small one we still had to pay for a back up jeep.  When we take the plunge into house building then its going to be the same. Truck drivers can make a fuss when they know they have two ghats to climb. Even for farming related activities like bringing long irrigation pipes or some cow/goat dung etc is not impossible but it is expensive. Public transport is also practically non-existent with just one late evening bus coming into our village.

4. We have to weather this period of land speculation too. The land agents are a mafia…. lots of buying & selling is going on in the neighbouring villages so one actually doesn’t know how this landscape is going to evolve in the next ten years. Hopefully it will settle down by then & the land mafia will go jobless.

I really cannot think of any more negatives. Partner may have a few more to add but i feel things can only improve from here on, it can’t get worse….

When Arvind was here, one morning, we took a walk behind our farm……

Brilliant views up there…. so i guess as in life where we take the good & the bad together…. it’s the same with this place.

Infact this place is our life !!