Along with planting wheat another major task undertaken was to build a check dam on the river so that we can harvest the water.

So this is our water storage till June 2012

Looks good, doesn’t it? However, it is getting more expensive each year. Last year it costed around 3K, though it did break a couple of times and we spent some more on repairs. This year with increased costs stopping the water has costed us 6k.

We certainly cannot be doing this every year, we need to work out alternatives. One idea that comes to mind is to blast the river bed at different places during the summer so as to deepen it into a rock pool.

Necessity is the power of invention. In my case there is no power to invent but necessity does make me go & find the right people. Thanks to Nitya again, I was introduced to a genial genius of a man Lt Col. Vivek Mundkur retd. After a just brief conversation over the phone, I was delighted  to see him walking into our farm within a few hours .

He made various suggestions re. finding alternative solutions for power for our house and pump & for low-cost drip irrigation etc.

With diesel prices at almost Rs 50/- per ltr,  me carrying a 20 ltr can, 65 kms to & fro to run our diesel pump seems a bit crazy doesn’t it ?     Recently, I waited for over 3 hours to meet the chief Engineer in MSEB regarding our grid connection and had to leave without meeting him.  And here after just a brief conversation over the phone, Vivek just bikes down to our farm with clear uncomplicated suggestions/options/solutions on how to harvest energy from the sun. But i am not going to take my foot off the pedal to get the grid connection.

Coming back to Vivek, we’ve  agreed to a trial  of the solar pump (that’s the best part, if the pump does not work he will refund my advance payment). We will only know when we start using it whether it will be able to irrigate our wheat fields etc.  but it’s surely going to be an interesting period ahead….


Peace, love & remembering a couple of them who made our youth so memorable in our quest to be free & in our celebration of freedom & in our romance with life !!

Without doubts our inspiration during our golden run in soccer while in college, to the one who sparked off our imagination, especially while in MCC , the indomitable Socrates. (a tribute here). Today i can only do a failing reminder to my son, who loves soccer, that nobody in today’s soccer comes even close to Socrates as a player & as a person.

& of course for all of us who become cynical & slow down as we age -yet there was this man, a person who had to express himself, throbbing with ideas, wanting to meet new people & continue taking risks all his life, & to my 84 year old father who refuses to come to our farm….. Dev sahab, a tribute here & another

tears & adios !