Recently Anand posed these questions : Out of five vital questions in Natural Farming  three are very important to be answered before growing anything :

1. Why to grow? (or for whom to grow?)

2. What to grow?

3. How much to grow?

only the following two questions have a definite answer

4 When to grow? Ans : as per nature’s calendar and

5 How to grow? Ans : in tune with the Nature.

The first three questions needs some mulling over…..


About a month back while chatting with a friend, she said i am sending you some Oat seeds…. please do try it…. so  that is how my tryst with Oats began. So now we are not only growing but also trying out various recipes (not just porridge…but gnnochi’s, even dosa’s & idli’s) & infact i found my son really enjoying it. (btw he is my official taster, when i see him enjoying something which i’ve made, then i know its good stuff).

Anyone passing by our farm assumes that this is wheat, then someone would’ve told them that; it actually isn’t wheat…. then they will sit over a bidi & have a discussion…. what could this be, no one has heard of Jau, they assume it is Sattu, but they come the conclusion that this grass is a fantastic fodder crop & the grains are very poushtik (nutritious). So one day i asked an older gentle man do you know what is this ? he replied that around 30 years back he had seen some farmers in Wai area growing this for cattle feed !

I wonder why these days Oats are selling at almost Rs 140/- per kg


Now coming back to the first three questions

Why to grow or for whom to grow : i guess we grow things for ourselves (family & friends, animals & all the birds, reptiles & insects who are all living on the land)

What to grow : i would like to grow all the things (grains, pulses, cereals, spices, vegetables, meat, firewood, construction material & all that we consume & use…..

& How much to grow : actually would like to grow everything in abundance, as of now our farm is only one tier. In the coming year we should progress to a second tier & then over the years hopefully we will go all the way to seven tier farming