i.e in a couple of weeks…..

This is a snap of one of our wheat fields from top of our land.

On the graph of progress towards growing our own food, we made a few steps forward. Last year was the first time i had planted wheat & i had done many mistakes, starting from the choice of seeds, the method of planting, the irrigation methods, everything was plain pathetic. Making a note of the mistakes helped & this year fortunately the wheat is looking better. 

This year we were also lucky in our search to find good seeds (Samba/Emmer wheat& the germination was good. Then there were many hiccups (especially with irrigation) in the last couple of months, it was like a decathlon race … we tumbled & we stumbled & we kept falling down but somehow we kept pulling ourselves up & managing to stand up & dust ourselves & now finally we are in sight of the finish line…..

But in two weeks time that there will be a dramatic change in colours from this deep green to amber when the straws will go completely dry. And then to test the crop, we’ve to rub the wheat head between our fingers and chew on a piece of grain. If the grain cracks in our mouth and becomes soft as you chew, it is ready to be harvested.

Inshallah !!