It’s difficult to say if Goethe was named after this plant or if this plant was named after Goethe….

Probably there is no connection between either of them. Here in the farm some of the Goethe plants are flowering & they do look gorgeous… isn’t it?

This years chick peas or “kalla channa” has been average

One good thing happened vis-vis chickpeas growing & i.e there was no infestations of pod borers & cut worms (unlike last year, when they had completely finished off our crop).

May be things are improving & becoming more complex vis-a-vis the soil, but i am not yet qualified to answer them. If there are no infestations in the coming years then we can conclude that the soil health is improving & plants are becoming healtheir etc.

But there is a surprise element in having a crop without infestations & it is a very petite & beautiful natural predator in the form of a few Pied bushchats which have been flitting in & out of the field & doing the de-worming job for us…….fantastic !

I wonder how one can thank them…. any ideas ?

meanwhile some mustard flowers in the wheat fields are forming into seeds.

Each pod has about 10 seeds

each branch has about 25 pods

each plant has about 25 branches….

peace & luvre… with a sarson ki tadka !