is like feeling all your body fluids going dry, one feels old. dying, feels giddy & helpless, especially when one sees the river bed like this……..

& this is what is left in our river, may be it will last for another 12 days !!

but even our drinking water is going dry

and we still have 40 days to go, before the rains !

Its a question of survival !!


All round me are words & words & words

they grow on me like leaves, but they never

seem to stop their slow growing

but from within, i tell myself, words

are a nuisance, beware of them, they

can be so many things, a

chasm where running feet must pause. to

look a sea with paralyzing waves

a blast of burning air, or

a knife best willing to cut your best friend’s throat

words are a nuisance, but

they grow on me, like a leaves on a tree

they never seem to stop their coming

from a silence somewhere deep within

kamala das