Its been really horrible without water, especially since we had started construction of our small cottage. In fact we almost called off work, because there wasn’t a drop of water to mix the cement & more importantly to wet the upcoming walls.

Then local wisdom told me to dig up the river bed,  we found just about enough water for construction to restart, but still not enough to  wet the plastering. But still nature refilled the pit every night !!

Desperate situations required desperate solutions.

We had dug a borewell last year, but it was not operational since we did not have  electricity connection, so we decided to borrow power from my immediate neighbour about 500 mtrs from our land. We purchased a submersible pump & send it down to a depth of 300ft in search of water.

but still the water was not enough…. the pump works for 10 mts….then we had to wait an hour for the well to refill… then start the pump again.

Then in the meantime lo behold we got our own electricity connection…. but there was nothing in it to call up partner & ask her to put a champagne bottle in the fridge…. ‘cos the power has been so irregular & does let us down in the most needed times.

The less said about the masons the better, everything started off well, then they started to get into “short cut mode”, tempers flew, partner blew up & gave them her piece of mind, our man friday Prakash  also gave them their due……so one day they went off in a huff. I played the calm cop & got them back to finish things…. but still they made a huge mess of things, silly mistakes which meant broken marble….& some very serious & irreparable financial losses for us.

So we decided to employ new masons to do all the finishing job

Then in one pre-monsoon shower we had more water inside our cottage than outside. What a mess….. & get the drift &  if i had a gun i probably would’ve shot myself through my ears, it was so frustrating.

In all this confusion with the masons, finding water, getting the construction material etc we also had to prepare land & sow our major crops :RICE (kaali saal, tambda saal & indrayani) & HALDI ( turmeric) had to be sown…………

now we just hope for the best

then finally the rains did come

& our river is flowing…..again! & YES we managed to sow the rice

& also haldi (turmeric)

but our cottage ( unfortunately) will remain unfinished till october

plumbing, wiring…….& more importantly the leakages has to be fixed  to make it into happy living space. In all this mess a sis-in-law  told me that i am looking old & older by ten years…

the truth is :

yes i do, but as put by Mark Twain : ‎”Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”