Well….  it was actually a last throw of the dice

Even though our farm is next to the river we have experienced severe water shortage especially last year. In spite of our check dam, the river bed had gone dry, plus our bore well has remained a mystery unsolved.

So we decided to go in for an open well.

After discussing with three different contractors we zeroed in on one of them. After agreeing on the logistics & costs, we gave an advance payment. Within a few days we had a full gang of about 20 odd people with cranes, JCB, compressor & 50 kgs of dynamite on our farm.  The initial suggestion was to go to the depth of 40ft & keep the diameter at 25ft. But after discussions with Himanshu of Acwadam we decided to dig to the depth of only 20ft.

So within three weeks this is what we have….. sweet drinking water at the depth of 10 ft. We are yet  to do the stone work; which we may have to do it before the rains of 2013. The costs for well digging was calculated @ Rs 9000/-  per sq ft (a full round), so the total costs came to Rs 1,80,000/-

But the costs of doing the stone work is going to be higher.

our open well

As is the norm in the area here…. before we start using the water from a new well…… we have to call five girl children & feed them a good meal, which we happily did !!

The first 10 ft was soil; which we used to re-enforce our bunds in our fields & then the next 10ft was rock, so there is a lot of rubble 

arranging the rubble

We have arranged the rubble along the river bed, to protect the edge of our land which bears the brunt during the rains.

This is a huge step forward for us as of now……. but after what one has gone through in the last couple of years in the search to find a good source of water; i am very wary of it all. I would like to see what is the water levels in the month of May, if it is good;  then one can heave a sigh of relief.

With the monies budgeted for the digging of our well, we were not planning to make any check dam this year. But there was a twist in the tale & the agricultural department people came approaching & said they will build it for us. But unfortunately no one from the village was willing to work for the agricultural department because they felt they may not get proper payments. Plus the government wage rates are much lower than what we pay, so it was a bit of a catch 22 situation. After a few strange interactions with the agricultural officer i agreed to contribute to 25% of the costs. I should have said NO…… but i fell for it because much of the beauty of our land lies in having water in the river.  So i gave a contribution of Rs 3,000/- for the wages. ( Its been almost 3 weeks now & the agricultural department has not paid people the rest of the wages !!)

check dam

I’ve also been following up on it, so hopefully they will get their payments soon.  We would not have made a check dam of this scale from our own monies….. because spending 10k & seeing the check dam washed down during the rains is simply not worth the monies. We used to make much smaller one’s. But this is a bit “state of the art” type, with water been held back to almost 500 mtrs !!

check dam

Actually one cannot wait for the weather to become a bit warmer….. it will be nice to dive in & enjoy a swim & just float !

check dam

Early morning sun rays reflecting on the river does make it look very unique

check dam

Hope fully we will be able to find someone equally efficient to do the stone work for the well……

adios for now !!