The Palash trees are in full bloom, adding the beautiful shades of bright red in the valley. Lots of Sun birds come on them…..unfortunately not when i walk around with a camera !!


So, it is with the Semal Trees……….attracting lots of birds & honey bees.

My brother in Chorao island in Goa has clicked some awesome snaps with so many different birds on the Semal tree……but i just managed one with the Black shouldered Kite…. sigh !!

black shouldeed kite

A Pied King fisher in the whereabouts is eagerly looking down for some fish to snack on…..

pied king fisher

An Oriental Honey Buzzard strikes a pose just outside our farm

oriental honey buzzard

As we come down the ghat, a view of our land & our cottage is seen through the tree. (click on the snap to enlarge)

a view of our cottage as we come down the valley

On day while taking a walk around the farm there was some movement in the bushes…….she curiously looked at me for a while before disappearing.


I like do some serious obsessive time pass on reflections…..


& another


& on sky lines…

sky line

peace, love & more time pass !!