so says  Lao Tzu.  

Till about a couple of weeks back everything in the farm looked in utter shambles. I was even wondering whether we will have time to get our fields ready for the rice & turmeric, plus i’ve a lofty (yet realistic) target of planting at least one thousand new plants & trees during this rainy season.

Surprisingly we are slowly getting there. 

Somehow the rice fields got prepared, turmeric planting is going on, nursery bed for ragi (nachni/ finger millet) is done, many plants have reached the farm, many are yet to be taken, some seed beds are yet to prepared & in the meanwhile rain clouds have started to build up & the humidity is at the highest. It’s a potent combo & one gets to feel that the soil is ready & willing. Its giving us the green signal & saying  c’mon throw in the seeds, i will do my best. Already the trees are looking greener.

rain clouds building up

It was time to start the sowing of rice or as i say to roll the dice.

sowing rice

After a long time all of us were in the farm together & since four of my lucky mascots (partner, son, magic & mia) were also there i think that the dice will roll in my favour this year (vis-a-vis the rice crop). Anyway it’s not a good idea to think too much ahead & its better to stay alive in the present. The nursery beds have been prepared with care. The seeds have been carefully selected from our previous crops. We need a little more & hopefully will get them soon.

Have a look at these bulls from Prakash’s family they look so strong & powerful.

seeds going in


Apart from all this hullabaloo of planting & farming it was great to be together & taking the first steps to make our cottage into a happy living space. Our son does take some great pictures & here he makes his presence felt with some great snaps like this first cuppa made in our cottage.

our first cup of coffee

and here is another one which i like very much with partner

weave the magic

and another awesome shot from the neighbourhood

kabeer's classic shot

Bye for now

Peace, love & wish us luck