Every evening the rain clouds are gathering & they are gaining more & more intensity & we’ve had a few good showers already. The landscape has changed from dry brown to green. Rice seeds has started to sprout. Mentally & physically one is gearing up for the next 3 months of mist, wetness, slush & real hard work.

rain clouds

Last June our cottage building work had stretched well into the rains & there was simply no way i could get down to do new plantation of trees. Forget planting, i did not have time to look & feel the farm & ask her what she was saying to me. Well, now is the time to make amends. Dabholkar had put into my head the importance of greening…… “harvest the sunlight to the maximum, the green leaves will do the rest for you”. I’ve been collecting plants for the last one month from &  the forest department, from a nursery outside our house in Pune. I must say that for the best quality & best variety of saplings there is no other place better than Jambe Enviroment farm, where Vivek Broome has carefully nurtured a very beautiful nursery. I’ve seen many a nursery in Maharashtra & Gujarat…… but this one without doubts is really the best. More importantly for me it was the people who were working in the nursery, who were so passionate & knowledgable about all the plants.

Here is the list of the new additions of trees, creepers, herbs,spices & medicinal plants… It was quite a learning experience to type in list of the plants here. because every time i typed the name of a tree i spend a lot of time studying them on the net. Their characteristics, the height, the leaves. the flowers…. well almost everything that i could digest. Also i was intrigued with some very really interesting names like Tree of Sorrow or Damocles Tree, Devil’s Back bone, Broken Bone Tree etc, etc.

Sounds good isn’t it ?

Kanchan : Bauhinia vairegata –  Orchid Tree. Nos: 25

Behda : Terminalia bellirica. Nos  :1

Karanj : Millettia Pinnata. Nos: 25

Kusum : Scheichera oleosa. Nos: 2

Haldu : Haldina cordifolia. Nos:1 

Nana : Lagerstremia microcarpa. Nos: 1

Ain : Terminalia elliptica. Nos: 25

Shisham : Dalbergia sissoo. Nos: 15

Rita : Sapindus trifoliatus – Soap nut. Nos: 10

Kakad : Garuga pinnata. Nos:1

Lakshmi Taru : Simarouba glauca Paradise Tree. Nos: 1

Kadam : Neolamarckia cadamba. Nos:1

Arjun : Terminalia arjuna. Nos: 2

Chandan : Santalum album. Nos: 1

Rai Avla : Phyllanthus acidus. Nos:1

Nagkesar : Mesua ferrea  Indian Rose Chestnut. Nos: 1

Mahrukh : Ailanthus excelsa – Indian Tree of Heaven. Nos:1

Hing : Gardenia gummifera. Nos:1

Parijat : Nyctanthes arbor-tristis – Tree of Sorrow. Nos:2

Dalchini : Cinnamomum verum – Cinnamon. Nos:1

Bel : Aegle marmelos. Nos:1

Temburni : Diospyros paniculata – Panicled Ebony. Nos:1

Amboni : Rhus mysorensis – Mysore Sumac. Nos:1 (Shrub)

Anjan : Memecylon umbellatum – Ironwood Tree. Nos:10

Sita Askok : Saraca asoca. Nos:1

Tetu : Oroxylum indicum – Broken Bones Tree, Tree of Damocles. Nos:1

Mokha : Schrebera swietenioides – Weaver’s Beam Tree. Nos:1

Hirad : Terminalia chebula – Chebulic Myrobalan. Nos: 50

Malkanguni : Celastrus paniculatus – Black Oil Plant. Nos:1

Dragon fruit : Hylocereus undatus – Night Blooming Cereus. Nos:1

Aromatic Ginger : Kaempferia galanga. Nos:1

Shell Ginger : Alpinia zerumbet. Nos: 1

Insulin Peva : Dracaena fragrans – Corn Plant. Nos:1

Shivan : Gmelina arborea – Gamhar. Nos:1

Ajwain : Trachyspermum ammi. Nos: 2

Pippali :   Piper longum – Long Pepper. Nos:1

Betel Leaf : Piper betle Nos:1

Garlic Chives : Allium tuberosum. Nos:1

Satawari : Asparagus racemosus. Nos:1

Sathaapa : Ruta chalepensis – Fringed Rue. Nos: 1

Chakramuni : Sauropus androgynus. Nos:1

Hadjodi : Cissus quadrangularis – Veldt Grape (Devil’s backbone). Nos:1

Poi/ Mayalu : Basella alba var. rubra – Malabar Spinach. Nos:1

Japanese Mint : Mentha arvensis piperascens – Malinv. Nos:1

Davana : Artemisia pallens. Nos:1

Bedaki : Gymnema sylvestre – Gurmar. Nos: 1

Samudrasoka : Argyreia nervosa – Elephant Creeper. Nos: 1

Bhui Amla : Phyllanthus amarus – Carry Me Seed. Nos: 1

Tendu : Diospyros melanoxylon – Coromandel Ebony. Nos: 1

Bahava : Cassia fistula – Amaltas. Nos: 1

Sitaphal: Annona squamosa – Custard Apple. Nos: 10

Tamarind: Tamarindus indica. Nos:2

Arrow root: Curcuma caulina. Nos: 1

Many Bougainvillea to add some colour & thorns to our fence

A few Magnolia varieties

& a few which i’ve forgotten !!

Bamboo varieties:

Costa Rican Bamboo : Guadua angustifulia. Nos:2

Giant Burmese Bamboo : Dendrocalamus giganteus. Nos: 1

Bansuri bamboo. Nos:2

Black Bamboo Phyllostachys nigra. Nos: 2

From the Forest department (unfortunately the botanical names they gave me are wrong….)

Assam Bamboo  40

Brandissi 40

About 50 more new cones can be taken out from our farm & propagated.

In situ propagation :

We have an excellent variety of Lemon grass growing on the farm, from which more than hundred new plants can be propagated to line our pathways & demarcations of plots, so with the Vetiver grass.

On the fence Nirgudi also grows well without water, so wherever there are gaps another 100 cuttings will be pushed into the soil. Adulsa is another which i like to have around our vegetable plots, about a 50 more can be planted & so with Gliricidia.

So, that makes it more than 750 new plants. If we to do it all in the coming week, then before the heavy rains comes lashing down we might be able to plant some more. I also need to remind myself that usually planting, the planning which goes behind it, the drawings to explain to oneself where to plant what etc is done with lots of enthusiasm & some where the after care takes a back seat. But this year there is no back seat & after care will take the front seat !!


An aside here:

One day evening while walking with my son, nephew & our dogs we heard a huge whisper of the wings & it was the Great Hornbill. Sorry no snaps. Hopefully we should see them again soon, because we confirmed with people who said they are local residents & they say there are 4 of them…… fingers crossed, but a welcome addition & Number 78 to this list.

Peace, love & some very slippery surfaces !!