Pummeled may be an understatement….. pulverised would be a more apt description & it’s just the beginning. This Hisbiscus plant has been braving the downpours & putting out a few flowers everyday & in its own way urging us to keep our chins up with a “laal salaam” (Red salute). 

Meanwhile in 3 days the river just transformed dramatically & KO’d us into river side our assigned corners. Its also telling us in no mean terms about who is the boss here…. “don’t mess with me !” I started to follow the weather on the net & saw there was a small window of opportunity open for just a day when the rains might just hold back & i had to make that day count. So last Wednesday we started from 6am, with just a 15 minute break for lunch…  & phew didn’t we finish planting the trees.

river side1On the other hand the river side is looking very tranquil & peaceful with anyone who is walking by having their heads down & wanting to reach their land or homes without getting too wet. Checkered Keel backs kept flitting in & out & it was really a pleasant surprise to hear people saying to me that they are non-venomous & not to worry. Usually people tend to recklessly kill any snake in their vicinity.

The waterfalls have stated everywhere and as usual this one is our USP onusp our land. There is one behind this just at our boundary & of course the one which flows into the river. Many big ones are there, but the biggest is a couple of kilometres from our land in Madeghat, with a spectacular fall of over 200 mts.

rice nursery


The rice nursery was looking pretty sad. We tried to drain the water out but the doors of heavens were wide open. The saplings were completely drowned for about 4 days & if it continued raining for a couple more days then it would’ve been end of story. On Wednesday the weather cleared for a day & the saplings were just about managing to stand up. Our cover crop Sun hemp which had started to grow beautifully got completely washed out. Taking a rice crop in the rains is like lottery…… sometimes one feels nothing is one’s control. But as the rains moved up north India & when one hears about the havoc it left behind……well, who am i to complain about losing a cover crop.

Peace, love & hope for just one more sunny day !